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For Clem

She'd been sad to miss it, on the night. She'd thought about going, enjoying the festivities, the warm crush of people, hot cider, maybe, and laughter with her friends. Of course, that had been before...everything, really; before the frantic texts and calls, before the whispered conversations in the hallways at school, the rumors flying about who was fine, who'd been stung, who was hurt. Who'd been killed.

After that, Flavia wasn't quite as sad to have spent the night at home.

It had been at lunch today, the stories still flying from table to table--I heard Pablo lost all his toes, can you even believe it? I heard Angie McConnell has a piece of Todd Chad and she's keeping it in, like, a shrine or something--that she heard a familiar name float up out of the general furor. "Not the Clementine in the year below us?" she'd asked her friend, suddenly, surprising herself at her own worry.

"Yeah, her, the little kid, wears that old baseball hat all the time," Helena confirmed. "I heard she got stung a bunch and, like, twenty people stepped on her afterwards."

It's not as though we're friends, really, Flavia thought, walking home.

We helped each other pick out costumes at that odd store, and I've waved hello at her in the hallway when I've seen her between classes, came next, as she opened the kitchen cupboard and put a box of tea in her satchel, before walking out the front door again. She might not even want any sort of visitors at all.

They were feeble excuses, taking her all the way to Chelsea Cloisters and up to the sixth floor. And since she was here already, it couldn't hurt to knock on Clementine's door.

So she did.
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The doctors had given her a very good prognosis, compared to many people she had seen in the time she'd been in the hospital. Her hand still hurt a whole lot and was bandaged, sure, and it limited it's use, but - it could have been a whole lot worse. The small bruises on her were nothing compared to what could have happened, even if she had a big noticeable bruise on her cheek she was a little embarrassed about.

She really only stayed home to recuperate and let herself rest for a little while longer. Andrea had been worried about leaving her home alone for a while that day, but she had reassured her she would be okay. She would. She had Bailey, after all, and the dog seemed to sense she wanted her around a whole lot because she stuck close to her as she went around and did things.

The knock on the door had surprised her a bit. She'd been in the middle of trying to awkwardly make a sandwich with her good hand when it happened. Leaving her half-finished food, she headed over to where her dog was already waiting for her. She smiled down at her before opening it up with the door's chain still on, just to peek out and see who it was first.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, realizing who was standing there. "H-Hold on, okay? I just need to -"

A quick removal of the chain later, she had the door completely open. Why Flavia was there, she had no idea, but she was certainly happy to see her not only there, but completely okay, too.

"Hi," she said, a tiny smile lifting up - it hurt to smile much more than that right then, admittedly. Bailey was already sniffing at her feet, her tail wagging. She tried to wave the dog away, feeling bad about her potentially unwanted attention. "Um, oh, would you like to come in, Flavia?"
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"Oh, no, I was making something to eat," she explained, stepping aside to let her in. Bailey would follow, just like she always did. Once inside, she closed the door behind them, locking it. Just like Andrea always taught her to do. "Do you want a sandwich? 'Cause I didn't put the stuff away yet or anything."
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"Oh, I like tea! Thank you," she said, brightly. She would have been grateful even if she didn't. The visit was unexpected, but a nice one. "Um, if you want to make some, we have a kettle over there. Or I can make some later. Did you just come from school?"

She was already going back to making her sandwich. For what it was worth, she was honestly getting better at doing things with one hand the more she did it. Practice made perfect, she guessed.
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"Okay," she said with a nod. She probably would do better making tea than her, anyway. At the mention of New Years', she paused, glancing over. "People were talking about me? Um, it's okay, really! It was scary, but I only got stung once. It's not going to even make a mark, the doctor said so. I heard people got hurt lots worse."

That thought made her frown. Would she find out eventually someone she knew got real hurt? She wasn't sure, but she knew she might have to prepare for that.
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"Is that why you came? To make sure I was okay?" she asked, turning her head to look at her. It would mean a whole lot to her if that was why she was here. Even if it wasn't she smiled and added, "I'm okay. I can even go to school soon. Which is good, 'cause I'm so bored here."
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"I was bored of school too. It was too easy," she admitted. It was funny how things looked after everything changed. Even little things like getting on the bus would have been something she might have never experienced again. "Then all the bad things happened back home and I don't think I'd be going to school if I didn't come here. I guess that's why I like it, even if it gets boring here sometimes too."

She liked her teacher a whole lot more than the one she had before, too. The last teacher she had back home was someone Clementine was convinced didn't like her.
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The word Governess sprung to mind thoughts of shows her mother used to watch, set in an old time with pretty dresses and fancy accents. It was hard to imagine anyone she knew in a place like that, even if she knew some people came from the past and future compared to her.

"Oh, um, I don't mind," Clementine said. It was just something she didn't really know how to bring up. She put aside a plate with one of the sandwiches on it, grabbing another for the sandwich she was going to make for herself. She focused more on that than on Flavia as she spoke. "I lived in Georgia, in America. Everything was okay until people started getting sick. And when they passed away from being sick, they came back, but they weren't normal anymore and attacked people and those people got sick too. Things got really bad really quickly after that."
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"Uh-uh," she shook her head. Puzzling over how to explain things, she sat herself down at the table with her.

"When they come back, they aren't...they aren't people anymore. They don't think, they just attack and keep attacking because it's all they know how to do. There's nothing there but that," she clarified quietly. That wasn't much like either monster she mentioned. Definitely not like Dracula, that was like Spike. Spike wouldn't do what the walkers did. "As more people died, it just kept getting worse and worse, because they all came back. It was scary."