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Flavia de Luce ([personal profile] spirit_of_vitriol) wrote2015-03-21 01:34 pm
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ooc: sotp

Since I only have the one pup, I always feel so weird about SOTP-ing, but here goes?

State of Flavia: Pretty good! Has been actively avoiding discussing anything that may or may not have happened in January re: turning into an adult for a week/looking like her dead mother/abandoning Ophelia in the park/being a horrible excuse for a human being let alone a de Luce. Of course, she and Ophelia are finally talking again in an EP, so we'll see where that goes.

Has also been selling Girl Scout cookies to any and all Darrowites, even though the money isn't going towards the troop doing anything cool like a science museum sleepover (and is instead going towards makeovers at the beauty salon in a month or two, which will probably be an EP if anyone is interested in dealing with an angry child with a ridiculous hairdo).

Seeing Stones: Definitely doing stuff with her for this! Most of it's going to be happy (winning the Nobel Prize! discovering new poisons! an illustrious career in forensics, solving crimes with science!); some of it's bittersweet (a future where Harriet isn't dead after all/arrives in Darrow!); and one...

One is going to be terrible. Later on in her canon, there's actually a point at which she falls/gets pushed off the roof of her house during a snowstorm, and I really want her to see that and a) think she dies at some point back home and b) later on, start trying to solve her own murder. I'm trying to decide if the actual seeing of that particular future is better served as an EP or a private thread, so opinions are definitely welcome.

Somewhere down the line, this'll lead into a canon update where she finds out she doesn't die after all (yay!), but for now, it's just going to freak her out.

Birthday Party: Her birthday's coming up in May, and I want to do a party post of some kind (probably a gathering) for her and all her friends. Also, there's going to be mad science in the form of liquid nitrogen ice-cream making, so that should be fun.

Cookies for you if you made it this far!

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