Jun. 26th, 2014

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Jun. 26th, 2014 07:21 am
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State of the Me: Meh. Hanging in there; work is better, the summer is here (even though that means endless humidity, why did Becca and I move to a swamp), but I've just been in a pervasive bleh mood recently. Hoping it ends soon. <3

State of the Flavia: AWESOME. Became a tiny lie detector, which was more trouble than it was worth; got to be a hero during the bees post as well as a damsel in distress (multitasking!); got her first kiss, which has turned into so many awesome, unexpected threads about consent that I am just loving, high five to all of Flavia's adult role models in Darrow because you all rock.

Because I got a little snowed under with her tags in June (digging my way out, slowly but surely, so apologies for all the delays you wonderful people have experienced in our threads, it's not you, it's me), I'm planning to take it a bit easier in July, with one big exception: Revenge. Spurred on by Ophelia's horrible experience with Edmund, Flavia is going to show the unsuspecting Mr. Quince what it means to trifle with the de Luce sisters. Hint: it means a tiny angry poisoner trying to ruin you with chemistry. (Kaine, this doesn't mean you're right about her being a supervillain, hush)

I'm conflicted as to the how, but I've narrowed it down to a few ideas--suggestions and thoughts welcome in comments!

a) Psychological Warfare: Flavia finds him at a cafe, eating a dessert (probably something with almonds, for fearmongering purposes). Maybe she brings him whatever it turns out to be, like it's an apology gift from Ophelia? Something. Proceeds to casually mention that you can get cyanide from almonds; sometimes, bitter almonds even get mistaken for regular almonds--that dessert you're eating could be poisoned right now. Is it poisoned? Could it be? Take a bite and find out, Edmund. This could work equally well (I think) as a oneshot or an EP.

b) Psychological Warfare Plus: As above, with the addition that after she's gotten him good and panicky, Flavia offers to give him an antidote. Antidote turns out to be ipecac or some other emetic; public vomiting ensues along with public humiliation. Revengy funtimes are had by all, except Edmund. Best as an EP.

c) What's Good for the Goose: Flavia repeats what she did to get revenge on Ophelia in canon and puts distilled poison ivy into some sort of grooming product. For Ophelia, it was lipstick; Edmund's will be aftershave or shampoo or something (the result of a bait-and-switch of bottles at the convenience store, probably). This would probably be a backdated one-shot, but a few (handwaved) weeks afterward, once the blisters and boils have had time to surface, I'd put up an EP of Flavia making Scientific Observations on the experiment...and if people want to help start a rumor he has a social disease, that's OK with Flavia.

Option C is currently my favorite of the three options, but A and B have their own particular charms.

Also on the horizon for Flavia: the summer science camp from hell (thanks to Deense for the idea!) and going on a nature walk with Combeferre, along with whatever shenanigans the rest of you cook up that Flavia is compelled to stick her nose in. :D

jesus on a hamster, this is long; cookies for you if you stuck it out to the end!


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