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Flavia de Luce ([personal profile] spirit_of_vitriol) wrote2014-04-23 09:57 pm
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State of the Me: Hanging in there. Work is frantic, the school year is ending (if you are a student please hug your closest department admin, we need it), and tags have just...not been happening, which I feel terrible about. Slowly crawling my way out of the pit, and hoping things will improve soon. Ugh.

State of the Flavia: Excellent. I'm still loving throwing her at everyone, and don't ever expect that to change. Current projects include being a general nuisance at the detectives in Darrow (read: John Watson and Veronica Mars, so far--she just wants to find a crime for you and help solve it, friends, come on), doing science, and running around with her group of friends from school.

Speaking of those friends...one of them has a crush, and I have plans to do something about it probably next month (or at the very least, before the Darrow school year ends). It's going to be a beautiful disaster, and I welcome all of Flave's friends/mentors/parental figures to help her through it.

I'm also super excited for Ophelia's imminent arrival--I think it's going to shake things up for her and Ophelia both, and I'm really interested to see what their dynamic is once they're both in the city and settled.

State of the Queue: forever in limbo. I feel like I need to get a better grip on life before I even remotely consider bringing in another pup, but god damn if I don't keep picking up new people in my brain, at least temporarily. We'll see if anyone sticks around by the time my life is in order.

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